My new crafting chore

So this is my first blog and I have been trying to set this up most of the afternoon. I have been working on some planner and bag charms and just trying to catch up on some projects I been planning. I can only work on craft one day a week because my work schedule is all over the place. So I have one day off where I do anything that pertain to everyday life, cleaning, shopping and appointment. Then I take one day and work on crafts. So now I start this blog I will have to add this to my planner. So let me start with the planner I use. I use three planners , well not really  three but let me explain. I use the Mambi happy planner. I love this planner and this is my main planner. I decorate this planner with washi tape and stickers. I keep all my plans and schedules in this planner. I also use the Midori travelers notebook as well as the Webster pages travelers notebook. You probably want to know why two travelers notebooks. Well my travelers notebook has two different purposes. My Midori I use as my planner I take with me. I use it to write stuff when I’m on the go or at work. The Webster pages travelers notebook I use for shopping list important information that I might need during the day when I’m out and about, I also us my Webster pages to write ideals for crafting. So I guess this is the beginning of a new adventure. I hope this blog will open doors and allow me to share what I love doing. So I will be back soon with pictures of my crafts and shopping hauls and I hope you be there and enjoy what I hope to be an exciting experience.

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