The road to a haul

Well  I’m back with a small haul from the following stores, Michael’s,Walmart, Fun 2 Beads and bead world. In the picture include below I brought some beads from Micheals. This week all Michael’s green label beads are 70% off. That’s right 70% off. I took advantage of this sale not only because the bead themself are beautiful,but I still received my discount. The other beads I purchase was small and from Walmart. They had a nice size selection, but nothing that real caught my eye. I did purchase two strands because of the colors. The last two store I went to look for some fancy lobster clips which I found , not the exact one I was looking for but three was pretty close. In my next blog I will show you how I used them. I also wanted to mention on another note I did buy some scrap book paper to make covers for my happy planner and insert for my travelers notebook, as well as stickers for  my planners. So this is were I will end this blog for the day . I will be back with my creations from this week haul until then craft happy

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