Craft story

As you know crafts can be anything from diy, sewing, crocheting , knitting as well as baking. I’m working on other projects besides making charms, one being knitting a blanket for my baby(dog) bed I. Also making out of wooden crates. It’s something I’m making for all the “anipeople” that lives here for Xmas. I will share that as well as other projects in the future. I will also. Share my weekly planner decorations as well as all hauls. Today I wanted to share with you something different. My daughter Nicole attends ICC  training to become a Pastry chef, this week her class is working on puff pastries. She usually bring her creations home but I never get to share because she comes home before I get off from work and it “attacked” when I get home.So before she went to work today I went to her school to bring home her class work for the day. She below is her creation.  Also two days ago I picked up some more stuff for my charms so that will be shown also. I have a long week coming up but I will try to work on some project and share with you in the upcoming weeks. 

Please don’t forget my quest for a tag line , the best suggestions will receive a gift from me.

Talk to you soon 

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