So many life changing events

I know I know it’s been a while, and the last time I wrote in said I would try to update my blog more often but as always life gets in the way. To start after a short illness my step-father passed away. Along with helping my mom with all she was dealing with, Im working extra hours, had an ulcer in my eye and not enough time to do too much of anything. The bright side is I found time to put up a tree for Christmas and try to get my family in the Christmas spirit. I have been working on making an area in my room so I can work on crafts, not just on a tray sitting on my bed but on my desk. I will have pictures posted soon.  I also been trying to squeeze some bible study in my time which I need to include that in my regular planning. 

I’m planning to be back regularly once the holidays are done. I’m going to try to set up an esty account again with all the bag and planner charms I’ve made as well as planner stickers I’ve designed. I will also include some diys that will be used in my room craft area transformation.  I will also post some pictures of my planner spreads. So just stay tune for updates.

And remember “keep crafting “

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