Christmas time is here

Hey just a quick blog while I sit her drinking my morning coffee before work. I was just thinking about my favorite Christmas programs and my favorite scenes in them. Who don’t like the Meiser brothers from a year without a Santa Claus .

The Meiser brothers with Mother Nature. Another favorite of mine is the polar express and the hot chocolate song. Good movies to watch to celebrate the season.  Another favorite of mine is holiday music, including David Foster’s version of Carol of the Bells and the Jackson 5 Christmas album just to name some.  My favorite this this year is my family’s Christmas tree. We have a 7feet pencil tree decorated in silver,gold and white. There is also personal touches on the tree including a gold cross I brought in memorial of my step father we lost almost a month ago.
Let’s not forget the stockings,filled with stocking stuffers.  
Well I have to get ready for work,but I will try to be back before Christmas. And as always keep crafting,and have a very very happy holiday season.

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