Just a quick share

I just wanted to show you an idea I came up with, but first I wanted to share a quick story how I came up with this ideal. As you know I work for Michaels Craft store. Recently they  put most of their Copic markers on clearance. I have been wanting  to try them for a long time but the price range went from $40 to $60 dollars for a pack of 6 markers. So when they went to the clearance price of $12 a pack, I just couldn’t keep myself from buying a few packs.That is when I got the idea to pre plan on a calendar that I can personalize and keep on my desk for a quick glance when doing my  Happy planner spread.

As shown I drew a calendar and used my copic markers to color code them. So when I do my spread , as well as my monthly budget, I know what have to be paid and for budgeting purpose what category they are assigned to. And I think its a cute colorful addition to my desk in a frame. 

So on another note I’m still crafting and will be sharing real soon, so stay tune. I promise I will try my best to make it interesting.I also have things in works that I will announce soon,so I hope you will be patience with me and be here.

So I’m going now but hope to be back sooner than later.



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