I know i know  I promise i would be writing more often,but since the last time i was here there had been so much happening. I had a serious issue with my job. And i was in between staying and going. I had start looking for other places to work. But the manager was replaced with another manager whom seems to care about his staff, so I’m staying. I just had to wait and see where he’s going to take the store. As you know i work for Michaels and its a great place to work as long as good management is in place, and for awhile that wasn’t the case. But like i mention things are improving and i will keep you informed. So now with other news, I have opened my Etsy shop this week and I’m still in the process of adding product to it. Right now i have upload some items my mother has made and just a few of my planner charms. I will be adding more items asap, i just need to work on my display. If you are interested my shop name is sharen’s crafty world. In my shop some of my items will be as shown and some will be as requested. Here are some of the items I’m working on for my shop.I also make writing pens that are beaded and those are made by request.So this will give you some idea of where I’m going with the shop. I will be crochet, planner crafts. I will also working on stamps,functional stickers, dashboards,planner covers as well as refills for travelers notebook. I’m working at getting this store to be something for the planner community, as well as something extra on the side,so stay tuned. So I’m going to bring this update to an end now but i will be back sooner than later this time.As always stay tuned and keep crafting.

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