Well I’m back , sooner than I through with an update. I don’t have a craft for you today but news. I opened an Etsy store. I don’t remember mentioning it before, but if I had you know it’s up and running. The majority of the items are crochet items made by my mother and I few items made by me. Once I can get displays for my other items,I will have more planner related items. I’m also in the process of designing cell phone and pen/pencil pouches for on the go items. I personally like to have my items in pouches to keep them neat in my bag as well as keep them organized. So look out for that. In the future I want to expand my pouches to on the go planner pouches to keep planners neat in your bag as well as on the go planner accessories. All I work in progress. To go with my blog, I will post items on instagram,twitter, Facebook as well as tumbler and my up coming you tube channel. I have lots of thing in the works for the future. Well anyway I need to rest my head down for a goodnight sleep to get those creatives juices going. Well keep you informed.just stay tuned. 

Keep crafting 


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