Belated Happy Thanksgiving.

First i want to say is I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. On this day I hope we all look back at what we should all be thankful for. I know i said i will be posting more content, and I’ve been trying to get back to this blog,(which as of today i will pencil in the time to do it daily). I have been working on some crafts and will share a couple of the items i made in this blog today. As you know this is the busiest season of the year at Michaels and I’ve also had issues, but i promise to you i will start blogging daily.So one thing i have been working on is with my mom sewing machine. Ive been just making things to get a feel for making things.So I’ve made some chair covers for my mom chairsMy mom brought these chairs from the Salvation Army and she liked the style f the chairs but they were a little destroyed.So i made chair covers that can be removed and washed. Another project i worked on is a “diva light”As you know i want to stay making you tube video and i dont have good lighting in the area i plan to record. So i did my research and found some videos on asking ring lights.I think it came out nice and i cant wait to use it.So these are two projects i worked on and i hope you will come back tomorrow I have more items to show you. If you want toget any information about anything in my blog please leave me a comment and i will get back to you

So have a great day and keep crafting.

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