A failure story

As everyone knows not all diy are successful. There sometimes are failures.You know when you have the idea in your head and everything is planned out and put on paper, but when you actual start executing the ideal, it just dont work.Well i have a failure story for you. Earlier this year i made a storage table out of an old suitcase. This turned out to be a nice useful item. So my mom during her cleaning found another old suitcase. So i decided to use this suitcase to make a charging station. To me this was a good idea because i have lots of teams from cell phone, tablets, electronic readers, battery pack for cell, bluetooth this and that which requires to be charged. So yes i should use the suitcase to make a charging station So i start doing research on charging stations and how i will use my table concept and tweak it to make a changing station.So with my research done, I ideas on paper I was ready to make it. Well lets cut to the chase. I brought the wrong brackets for the legs, so the legs was crooked,my drill battery pack was weak (it belonged to my late step-father, so it was on its way out), which took longer to drill any holes need. I had to get another drill needless to say. When i install me cord inside the suitcase it just wouldn’t lay right so i glued it to the back panel of the suitcase. That didn’t work because of all the plugs. So with those few failed attempt, i gave up.
So with that i found another item to make a charging table out of and in a future post. I will share that item with you. This is what i was working with.This is my new one, update coming soon.Well this is my failure story and i just want to say its ok to fail and share your failure because maybe someone can turn your failure to a success story.

Talk to you soon.

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