Welcome to the holiday season

I wanted to start this blog by saying happy holidays. I can’t believe how 2017 has grown and matured and we are expecting a new baby in just a little less than 1 1/2 months. Yes baby new year is all his way. As promise,well I dont know if it was a promise I’m writing a blog post everyday. I’m not sharing any diys today I just wanted to jump on to say hey. So what are you playing for the holidays. Do you plan on traveling ,spending quality time with family or just doing some extra projects for the season. Let me know in the comments below. I do have plans to up my diy game. I want to do my own Xmas cards this year. I have a cricut maker machine and i want to break that baby in. I also want to sew more to improve my skills. I would like to add bags,such as make up cases, emergency kits,as well as their items that can organize any bag, from purse to book bag, to brief cases. More to plan, more to do. Good thing I’m a planner person.

So i will bring this blog to an end and leave yo with this question. What holiday diys are you planning ?

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