I missed a day Ugh!!!!!!

I missed a day which was not something I’m too proud of.I know it’s ok,but i decided to make this a daily activity. I was going to write it when i came home from work, by than it was already today. So anyone who reads my blog, first i want to say Thank You and second i want to say sorry i missed you.So i only have a quick craft to show you, but first i want to tell you about some quick upcoming crafts I’m planning. To start I want to ask what do you think would be a good gift for someone returning to school. I was thinking about making an emergency kit/pencil supply kit. That is what i plan for my craft for tomorrow, if i can get this on paper. For me pen and paper is important. I need to plan it out take inventory of supplies i have or need and execute these plans. Another ideal i thinking about is making a leather or faux leather travelers notebook. I think that would be a good Xmas gift . Stay tune for that .You know i like to share crafts, so let me show you this quick craft. As you know working for a craft store have its perks but along with the discount we have first access to discounted and clearance items. As you know Micheals are ahead when it comes to holidays, so to make room for our Christmas items they put all Halloween and thanksgiving stuff on clearance. Yes most two weeks before Halloween So i found they still had potion jars which i (thinking outside the box), would make ice jars for storing items, You know those little items that should be contained. Brought 4 and took off the labels painted them and use them for little desk things like rubber bands, paper clips etc. tI left the black ones the way they were, but the yellow ones was rose gold. They make a cut addition to my plastic storage jars i brought at Dollar tree.Tomorrow i will shoe you that craft and the set up on my desk. So that’s it for today hope it wasn’t too long. Talk to you later

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