What I’m working on

Hi, sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days,but I’m planning crafts and need to put them in motions. I do have have a new item I’m testing to put on my Etsy store and i wanted to share with you. Last year when i decided to get serious with my planner, not just some stickers and washi tape here and there, i decided i wanted to add stamps to me planner. I found a lot of stamps that would add decor to my planner but never the function that i wanted.I decide to make the stamps i wanted and what i need to add function to my planner. I decide to try carving my own stamps. So let me tell yo about stamp carving. You have to draw out the design you want you stamp to be, trace this design on rubber stamp material then with a carving tool,start carving out the dead spaces. This was time consuming and you need to have a steady hand,cause with one slip you stamp can be destroyed. Just look at all the items you need to create your own stamps, as well as what it the output can be. Well behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining. A blessing came my way in form of the Silhouette Mint Machine.This machine is a dream to anyone who need stamps for their planner and basic crafting. With this machine you have endless possibilities If you dream it I’m sure you can make it with this machine. Here are just some the sample size i currently own. Also the good thing is with this machine is it has it own ink which you put on the stamp and you will always have a pre inked stamp waiting for you to use.Just look at some of the items i, made just using this machine. Now i just want to add I’m sampling function stamps for my personal use, but would like to do made to order stamps to sell in the future.These are just a few samples of stamp I’ve made for my self,but i hope to be able to sign more in the future.

So i will end this blog for today, hope you enjoy it and please leave me any question, comments and concerns and i will answer than asap. Stay crafting.

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