An update

I know its been 6 days since my last blog post, and i make no excuses about that. The only thing i had to a chance to do in the pass 6 days was decorate my planner.I will share what that look like,but first i want you to know i will have a lot my content next week. I’m making Xmas gifts for co-workers as well as little add on items i will share. So what has everyone week been looking like. It’s only 11 days before Xmas and trust me its not coming fast enough. I find this year many people are scrooges, coming into Michaels unhappy, angry, and just plain nasty. What happened to may your days be merry and bright.So far this season Michaels customers has been unpleasant and gloomy. The worse thing about this season is in my opinion we as a team really isn’t getting the support needed.Our goal is to make the customer happy, but how do you make unhappy people happy. Even with good customer service you can’t do it. Well it is what it is. So now the year is winding down and a new year is coming, i want to know have you set up your new planner for the year? Have you set up your goals and pre-planned for he upcoming year.I giving some kind of through to what I’m going to do about my planning. I kinda use 4 planners now, in a minute ill tell you why. I have both a happy planner classic and mini,a Webster pages travelers notebook and my target planner portfolio travelers notebook. So let me explain my thinking. The happy planners are for both personal and family planning. I keep the classic on my desk and this is were i keep all my family stuff. I keep up with my family work schedules, dr appointment and all things family including my pets and any thing that happy and basic notes. My happy planner mini stay with me and it also have family stuff but it more about me. Stuff I need including my schedules. The Webster pages TN is for all work related stuff such as work passwords,notes and any and everything pertaining to Michaels.Lastly my target planner portfolio TN I also keep with me for quick notes, craft ideals , blog notes,possible video ideas and future planning. I decorate my happy planners each week and dont like using page flags or posted notes so that where the target planner come in. So what is your planner and planning style look like, comment below cause i would like to see how everyone plan.Well i will bring this way too long blog to an end day will talk to you soon, Have a craftastic day.

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