Out with the old,In with the new

So this will be my last blog of this year, and where it has been a slow and hard start,it can only get better from here. I been better keeping up with this blog. I’ve been blogging more than before. I’m learning more about blogging and hope to be much more active than before. I now how a little more time since we are finally past the busy season at Michaels. So what do i have planned for this blog in the future. More crafts and hauls. Also good news my you tube channel is about to start. I film my opening and edit it. I now have to film my introduction and hopefully it all will be online on January 1. My you tube name is the same as this blog, so please visit and let me know what you think.So my year out craft was polymer clay figure I made ginger man cookies and my daughter was making Disney female characters, well at least two to start. We are just learning to work with polymer clay and as always practice make prefect. Im also started working on my planner/travelers notebook charms again. More on that later So i will leave you now with picture of our polymer clay creations. As well as these words.

Have a great year, continue to create and never quit crafting.


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