Happy New Year, Happy New Crafting

Well happy new year to all of my followers, and thank you for sticking around in my absence. I have been up to som much stuff you wouldn’t believe. I wasn’t feel well last week so I haven’t been doing to much of anything, but this weekend will be craftastic. I did finally put up my first you tube video which i will tell you it was hard and not that great. I did so many takes that i had to do some serious editing. You can tell that it was my first because it seems i was a bit nerves and didn’t have time to think through it. But i promise my next one will be better. Like everything it will take time and experience. So if you have about 10 minutes to waste, please check out my you tube channel.Give me feed back and suggestions. I would also like to give a big thank you to the ASM at the Michaels I work at. One day we was talking about how we like to plan and write.(sometimes old school is better than going the digital route). So he gave me a lot of writing paper and cards that i will be using, not only for embellishment for my planners, but to write to my daughter who is about to start her 3rd college internship with Disney. I have some much i want to share with you and i will share it all soon. I will be crafting all weekend and promise to share, not only here but on my new you tube channel. So please come back and dont forget to tune in to my you tube channel with the same name as it as they is blog. So i will leave you with picture of my note paper and cards and will see you tomorrow..

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