Let’s get organized

With the new year here, this is the time we should be getting organized. Not only should we organized our life personal goals, but we should have an organized craft area to be able to create the best diy content we can. So I’ve started to organize but craft nook.I call it my craft nook because it consist of a corner with craft supplies, a desk with a wood cabinet made of crates a book shelf in which I added an extension which was originally a shoe storage shelf I brought from the container store.See I myself is in need for some organization. I have plans which when complete will be posted here. I know it will be a hard road but i need to meet the challenge. So to start my organizational journey which is slow. I brought a desk organizer. Michaels have all of their organizational supplies 50% off till this Saturday and if you lucky you can get it with an addition 20% coupon. So I brought this desk organizer to have a spot for all my crafty tools and supplies. I started with this because I have all my tools all over in different boxes in that corner. UGH!!!!!!My craft supply cornerSo slow and steady wins the race, as i had to put this organized together, which wasn’t a hard task cos I’m a diyer It took me awhile but i got it done and now my crafting tools have a home. Even through its only 3 draws divided into 3 section in each drawn giving the illusion of nine draws, I label each section to enhance the illusion, this is what the result.So i will bring this blog to an end now but i will continue to post all my craft nook organization as it happen. So please continue to take this journey with me to see the end results. Keep crafting.

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