Was Florida bound

Hey whats up. How have you all been. Well from my title I guess you can tell how I’ve been. I was on vacation of sorts and I didn’t have time to blog because it was not all vacation. My daughter recently was invited to do an internship at Disney World and I went with her to help her get settled in her apartment there. She will be living on Disney property, but she had a lot of item to bring with her as well as shop for when she arrived. Once those things was taking care of I had to return to my winter wonderland call NYC.UGH!!!!. So i can back to my life as a manager and now work harder on my blog as well as other project i need to work on. I also want to move to Florida in the near future, so thats something i have to start planning. So what have you all been up to. I have a few crafts i wanted to get started and some thing I want to share. So as mention in an earlier post I’m trying to redo my craft corner so i need to work on that so when i do move i have some ideal of how i want it to be set up. I going to continue doing crafts but as i complete them I will start packing them in plastic boxes so i dont get too overwhelm by them. And as soon as i can clean out my space i will use them to create a new craft corner. While i was on my way to Florida, we took the Amtrak there, i started to crochet doilies for the top of my craft shelf. I wanted to make sure my items on the top remain stable as well as give it a pretty look. I also trying to learn to loop crochet to have different looks around the area.when i complete them I will share with you the finish product and how I used them. Another project i want to start for my Etsy shop is personalized makeup/ pencil cases. I will start with pre made case to decorate and later move on to making and decorating my own case, not using pre made ones. I want to be able to make them for general use as well for all those planner ladies whom like to carry planner items with them. I know i like to carry all sorts pens and marker to update my planner or just to keep notes, so this will be a great ideal to keep planners and supplies in.More to come on this item too. You know i like to share my crafting ideas and craft with you.

So I guess i will bring this blog to an end. I hope you like this blog and please if this the first time reading please scribe, i will be happy to have you here and to everyone keep crafting.

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