A very small haul

Hey crafters I’m back today with a very small haul I would like to share. In the beginning i use to share hauls, but sometimes i come home put my items away and forget to take the picture of them for my haul.I m trying to get at least one blog a day in so i will start sharing my hauls. Don’t be surprise if you see a haul one day or a craft another day a haul the next.So the first item i purchase is this set of 3 travelers notebook.Micheals have them on sale for 25% off and i get my employee discount as well. I use 4 planning systems and this one is for my work planner. I need to update it for the new year, so it was a perfect time for me to get this items on sale.The next item i have is just a wood block which isn’t a big deal but it will be used in a crafty project which I will share with you soon.It will be used with this next item.The last item was an item that I purchase a while ago, but I wanted to show you because it will be used with the block above. It’s a fountain which i got on sale at yes you got it Michaels for 40% off including my discount. I will be using this as part of my craft corner makeover, Which i will share in the near future. So that’s my small haul for you. Everything will come together and I will share with you. As a matter of fact I’m starting a small project tonight if time is willing and i hope to share with you in tomorrow blog.

So stay tune and. Stay crafty. Talk to you soon.

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