Small Jacks and Micheals Haul

Hey crafters, I’m back with a small haul from Jacks and Michaels. So lets just jump into it From jacks I purchase some dole fruit cups(not shown). I have them at my job because I’m starting my quest to lose weight again. The other items i purchase was the wallet for the back of my cell phone.They came two in the pack, one black and one white. The next thing i purchase is the honees. I love these little candies for a quick pick me up when i have a sweet tooth and just need to satisfy that craving.Its 20 cal peer serving and 3 grams of sugar, but it beats having a candy bar.The next item are hand and feet warmers. Its cold here in NYC and sometimes my gloves aren’t enough. Sometimes my feet get cold too, so I decide to try both. Maybe I will review them.The next item is from Michaels.In the picture there you see an assorted items. One is some decorative rocks for a craft I’m working on which I started yesterday and hopefully finish tonight. Its for my craft corner decor. The item is some glue cos i always use E6000 and I didn’t have enough for my project. The other item is just a watercolor palette because it went from $6.00 to .60 cents. The other two items are key chains, they were.79 cents and I want to use them for maybe a bag charm or a planner charm. So that’s my small haul . Thank you for reading and hope you continue to return. Please follow me if you enjoy this blog and will talk to you tomorrow.

Keep crafting.

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