Hey I’m Back——-Daily blog

Hi as i mention in yesterday blog, I’m back to my daily blog. I had a couple of days off and I created a tray I’m think about using as a mini zen garden or just some decor. When I make my final decision , you know I will share with you. As shown in the above picture I purchase a wood tray from Michaels and I prep it and painted the inside white. After the paint was dry, in which it took two coats of paint to completely cover the wood, I added two coats of Mod podge to seal the paint.After the mod podge dried I painted to outside of the box rose gold and added the ribbon just for a decorative touch. I later took some black stones which are decorative fillers and just E-6000 it to the bottom on my tray. The finished product is shown above. Sorry I didn’t add the pictures of the other steps, I was told sometimes I get long winded in my blogs. So I will now show you some ways i might use it in the future , which i will include in a future blog.Let me know in the comments below which one you like and lets see if its the one I choose.

I will leave you now and Keep crating.


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