Mini Me Haul

Hey crafters

How are things going with you. See I’m back with day three blog. It’s just a small haul because you know how much I like to share. On Monday I went to Target to pick up a few things,but Ike a lot of you I had to stop by Bullseye Playground (Target dollar shop) and boy was I ever so disappointed. The Target i go to now how just one little aisle of dollar stuff and now want it to be your quick shop stop for fruits. I truly hope they get it together or I will have to find another Target to shop. So make a long story short, I didn’t find anything useful to me there. I did stop by their office supplies section and found to my surprise refill notebook for their travelers notebook so I pick up one pack. Along with the items I went there looking for that was the only thing I got from Target. I didn’t share the other stuff because it was just fur babies supplies.

On the good note Micheals have there Valentine stuff 60% off so I did picked up two items for my planners.Just some planner sticks a roll of washi tape and heart shaped posted note pad that came in this cute little plastic case. Originally it was 9.99 but with the sale and my discount i got it for approximately 2.59 . I also picked up some papers clips which was 3.99 for bout a dollar and change. .

So that all i have for my mini me haul and I hope to have another for you tomorrow, because Michaels are getting rid of Valentine day stationary items and they are low, priced to go.

So until tomorrow.Keep crafting.

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