I’m baaaaack

I wanted to share something with you about me. I dont know if I shared this but I’m a big planner. I use 4 planners for my weekly planning and I shared that in a video I upload on you tube. I will try to copy the link below if you are interested. So I decided that since I usually share my planner decorations on my social media, why not give you a glance here. I know my blog name is Sharen living in a crafty world, but I consider my planner part of its world. So I want to share that also. I usually set up my planner a week in advance so I will try to show what my next week planner decor will look like. I will set that up as my weekly planner before the pen. I hope it’s something you would be interested in .So with that all said, I will share this week planner with youNot all plans are set up yet but I will share it on coffee time on Sunday, as well as my next week set up

So as always I will talk to you tomorrow

And Keep crafting

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