Blog direction

Hi, just quick update on what direction I would like to take this blog. I wanted my blog to contain all crafts all the time,in which I will stick to the reason why I started this blog. I like to craft and ever since I start working at Micheals 4 years ago,I found that this as well as planning would be something I like to share. I know in the beginning I didn’t blog that often, but I trying so hard to be better at it. I’m not doing this because I see myself making this a career, I truly loving to share. Yes I will admit that I want me Etsy store to take off and I hope with your help it could, but I’m putting sometime i it between working and this blog to do so. I also want to get me you tube channel running to share with you there.

So starting Sunday I want to break my blog into different daily segments I want them to be in the following segment form.

Sunday: Coffee Time

I want to use this day to recap all hauls and crafts and planner info that I missed doing the week. I want to use this as a platform for us just to have talk over a cup of coffee to reflect the previous week and get ready for the week head.

Monday:Crafts Review

This day I want to share with you any crafts I plan for this week either big or small. I also would like for you my readers to share any crafts you are interested in , so I can attempt to do it . I want this to be the day you share with me.

Tuesday:Daily Crafts

On this day I plan to share any smaller craftsI worked on either the current week or items that wasn’t previously shared. These will be small crafts that dont require too much time to complete.

Wednesday: Major Crafts

I want to use this day as the day I share crafts that require more time. If there is something that I’m working on I will share it on this day. If it was a larger crafts that I shared on this day I will recap from beginning to end that craft.These crafts are my time consuming crafts that will not be shared on Tuesday

Thursday: Suggestion

I want this day be the day that you my readers share with me . If you want to share anything with me, this will be the day I will sit down,take notes and work on any suggestions you have that will help me be more successful. I will take all suggestions into considerations so please share with me.

Friday: Organization

As I told you in an earlier blog I want to organize my craft area so it can be more useable. So on this day I will share just how that’s going, I will share the area I worked on in before and after picture.

Saturday; Hauls

This day I will share with you my haul from the week. As you know most of craft items come from either Dollar Tree and Michaels and since Michaels sales run from Sunday to Saturday, I want to share my purchases from the week and I will share what’s to come in the following week.

So I hope you enjoy the direction I’m taking this blog andI hope you stick around and see how it turn out. Feel free to reach out to me any time .And as always

Keep crafting


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