Coffee Time

Good morning and welcome to my first official edition of coffee time. So what is coffee time? Well in a previous post , I decided to break my daily post into segments. Coffee time segments is where I sit down with a piping hot cup of coffee and recap all that was done doing the week. Just in case I missed something or you missed something. I also want this to be the place I share my planner with you because I’m a planner girl and you can not plan or even blog without a plan.So sit back have your coffee and please enjoy this blog, it might be a long one.

So let me began with my Micheals haul. Michaels had a great sale on their valentine day items. They were 60% off the regular price. The better thing about this is on Monday they gave their customers an opportunity to use an additional 20% coupon.This made it oh so cheap. But for me it was oh so cheaper,because of an employee, I got 30%, and with deals this cheap who can pass that up.The day after Valentine Day they put eventhing on clearance,Which was still a great buy. With all the items I purchase I paid less than $8.So as shown I was very busy,lol So let me give you a quick breakdown on the items purchased.I purchased card stock paper as i mention in an earlier blog. I wanted to redo my blog travelers notebook and I wanted to use the card stocks as sections in it. The sticker I used for my weekly planner spread. I purchase the wooden hearts stickers to make planner clips. They are pretty and I figure when I do a pink or red spread, I could use it. The next item is just some decoupage paper, which I plan to use in an upcoming project. The next item is just some self inflating balloons. A team member gave all of us one for Valentine day andI figure they would be cute to give to my valentine.

The next items are for a project that I will be sharing in the future. The pen was just impulse purchase.

So let carry on to the next two store, which was a small haul for both. Dollar Tree and Five Below.

At Dollar Tree i just purchase items that I need and one item for a craft project and at Five Below the case was the same. Items that i needed.The training pads as well as the mints ,well just something i like to keep in the house.and the black sand is for an up coming project. I know you are saying she has a lot of project plan and you would be right, but be patience and all will be reveal in coming post. The items from Five Below was items I also need except for two, the keyboard cover just because it was cute and goes Nicole with my rose gold keyboard and the supernatural pen,just because I love supernatural. What more can I say. The key board was need because how else can I type this long blog using my iPad mini. My previous one fell and some of the keys popped out,but it was only $5 and I needed because sometimes i dont feel like turning on my computer. The screen cover I always keep on my phone because if my phone falls the screen saver protects my screen.

The last store I went to was Target.

Target was also because I need food for the anipeople and you know there is always something there you can use.

So along with the anipeople food, I purchase some planner items .I also purchase a small totes for the days i just run out quickly and just need a bag.The notebook are for my travelers notebook I’m redoing and tic tac gum was something I wanted to try.

So the last store i went to is staples. I just need tabs for my travelers notebook redo and some mechanical pencil.So i will bring this blog to an end now because I know it was long. But before i go I would like to share my planner spread for last week ,which I will share with you tomorrow,Due to space and the number of picture its not uploading .

So like always I will end this blog with I’ll be back tomorrow and keep crafting,


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