Organize, Organize,organize

Hey and welcome back to my blog and so far I’ve haven’t been that busy where I missed a day.For some reason my work schedule haven’t been heavy this week.Let hope I can keep this up and not have another week like last week.So today is Friday and I want to share with you the progress of my craft area organization.Let start with my desk, I don think I have any befor picture but I want to share what it look like as of today.As shown I have my little organizer I share with you on Tuesday, I also shown is my desk lamp I made . I also have a candle melter. I use that because there are anipeople in the house and we don’t want to have a fire.The next thing I have to share is my Lexington cart.This is what my cart looked like before. I was originally purchase for my planner supplies. I was suppose to be able to roll it in my planner area when I was planning for the week. It turned into a dumping station for anything I couldn’t dump on my desk.So I decided it was time for a makeover.The first thing I did was found some iPhone boxes which I cover with some contact paper.I also found another box which I decoupaged. I used these boxes for small item such as clips small stickers and pens and markers I then removed everything out of the cart and organize them, my stickers and rulers on the top shelf, small items as well as pens and makers and my prism machine on the second shelf. The third shelf contain a few traveler notebook refills and just note books and different blank books.

Any items that was on the shelf previously was place where it was suppose to and as you see here is what it look like organized I really like the way it turned out and when I got ready to work on my planner ,i can just roll my newly organized chart and start planning.

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog and I will be back tomorrow with a haul blog.

And as always keep Crafting


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