Haul Time

Hey and welcome to haul time. This is the time I share my haul big or small from the week. So how has everyone’s week been. I been a little down because I dont know how this format is working. I want to make this an interesting blog highlighting the things I like doing the most,that is planning and crafting. I will carry on because I do like to share and I will continue to do so as long as I continue to plan and do crafts. So lets get with the haul.So the items shown below are items I picked up from this fabric store called Save-a-thon. This store was originally a store that specialized in sewing machines. As of this year they have branched out and starting to became a craft store. Not only do they sell all kinds of sewing machines, but they have kind of craft supplies. This is the first time Ive been there since they reopened but I will tell you I will be back.They carry all types of items. I went there for one thing and that was fabric stabilizer. I ended up with much more. The great part is their prices are very reasonable. I even found items Michaels carry at the fraction of the cost. Great job save-a-thon.The next items above I picked up from where else but Michaels. Michaels have some jewelry items on clearance so I’m going to make TN charms.Michaels now have planner and scrap booking items for the low price of 2 per item. So you know I had to pick up some paper clips. They also have stickers pens(which I had brought a pack of the pens ) see last week haul. Micheals also start selling DMC little critter yard that comes with a little animal head. These items are design for little kids in mind. It’s enough yarn to make a child’s hat, but instead of the Pom Pom on top you put the little animal.Of course you can think out of the box so I will show you what I made in on of my craft days.The last item i picked up isn’t a craft item at all.I picked up this charging case for my iPad. I use my iPad all the time and its what I use to write this blog. I occasionally use it when I decide to do videos. So I need this case because it has a build in charger and I can always have a charge when I’m away from a power source.

Well that is my small haul for the week. I hope you enjoy it , and as always

Keep crafting


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