Coffee Time

Welcome to this edition of coffee time (better late than never). I’m sorry this blog is late but as you know I work at Michaels as a customer experience manager and I had to close the store and I came home late,so I slept in this morning. So back to the blog, how was everyone’s week. I hope you all had a crafty week. My week haven’t been so crafty due working the night shift. I do have thing to share this week, like my tech/pencil case I finished. I will like always share my hauls for the week and will also have crafts I planning to share. Boy I think this is going to be a short blog today because it’s been a busy week. So let me recap. This week I shared my desk and Lexington cart organization. I really like the way it turned out. Everything is more functional. My zen garden came out nice now I have to share the water part of it. I have to change the location, so I can have access to turning it off when I dont want it to constantly run. It’s very pretty when its on my I really dont want to have my cat splashing water every where when I’m not home. I do have my weekly planner share. Before the pen as I like to called it.

This is this week spread “before the pen”

Just in case you missed its here are some of the shares of the week.

I also want to tell you that thanks to one of my readers,who suggested that along with taking suggestions on Thursday,I should included throw back, Crafts that was previously done. To showcase crafts I made and never shared or crafts I shared but approved upon. So thanks for that suggestion Nicole.

So I guess that’s where my blog will end for today.

And as always, Keep crafting.


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