Share a craft today

Hey, welcome back to my blog. Today I want to share with you a tech/pencil case. I made this case a while back for this blog , but I ran into some issues. I started off with this little black bag from Micheals personalize it section. Along with the bag I purchase some fabric paint. I picked the white because it would just soften the bag, and tangerine to have something to stand out. So as you notice,I taped off the area that I wanted to paint. I painted the top part white and the bottom tangerine. I really like the way it stood out,But little did I know that would be a problem The tangerine started to dry, and instead of dry the color, you can see it just dried in the bag leaving the bag still back.As you see once I painted it with 2 coats of white paint the tangerine stood out .I took off the tape and notice some bleed thru which I later fixed, but I wanted to see how my little charm I brought from Joanne’s Fabric store a while ago/After the touch paint dry I added some bling trim I shared in last week haul post and add the girl charm and here is my finished project. I like the way it came out and I just cant wait to use it. I plan on using it to put my phone cords, chargers, portable battery as well as my ear pods. All my electronic items will be located in one area in my backpack and i will not have to look in the bottom of the bag for them, they will always be with in hands reach.

In the future I want to make one for my pens or to even use to hold my planners,

Well I will leave this blog like always,

Keep crafting

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