But first some fun

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I know you probably saying fun, what fun. This blog is never fun and can be somewhat boring , so what can she do that can be fun. Well I could tell jokes, but sometimes my delivery can be off. I can tell you a funny Michaels story, but that can be somewhat sad as well as frustrating. Or just maybe I should just write this blog. Ok OK the fun part about this blog is that the title made you curious enough to start reading it , even just a glance it got you here. So today is Wednesday so I will share progress on a craft I’m working on. Remember a while back or could have been last week, I was talking about a charging station I’m working on. Well it almost ready. So remember this old VHS holder.Sorry i dont have pictures of what the entire holder looks like because at the time I didn’t know what I was going to do with the top of it. I didn’t know if I want to keep it in its natural wood state of paint it . I wanted to add contact paper or just make some kind of cover for it. As you can tell from the pictures I haven’t truly decided on what legs to use. Well I come up with something I thought would be useful and that is an holder for the electronic equipment Ill be charging. But before I show you I want you to know this wasn’t my ideal. I was watching a you tuber named Life at 50 and beyond and she made this item for her family charging station. Since I made an actual table, I thought this would make a good stand for that table.

The items I used for this station is 3 napkin holders and one butter dish. I used E6000 and. some hot glue.

So the first thing I did was to glue the napkin holders together using both hot glue and E6000.The next thing I did was attached the butter dish to one side of the napkin holder. This container will hold extra cords as well as ear pods.And as you see that’s the finish product. So turn in next week and I show you have I put it all together and the finish product.

And as always Keep crafting

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