Hey welcome to Throw back Thursday

Hey and welcome back to my blog. Before I start I still would like you to leave your suggestions and ideals here for my review. I will keep this day just for that just in case I get a lot of suggestions,I can take the time to read them. I also want to add something new to this day because I think this is the day for the shortest blog. So we will have suggestions as well as Throw back Thursday, This was a suggestion from one of my reader. So thank you Nicole. I just wanted to share some planner/ bag charms. Originally they was for my planner,but I liked them I start wearing on my bags and wallets. When I first started working at Michaels I loved all their beads and charms, so naturally this was the first craft project I use to always do. Michaels usually had beads and charms on sale every week. So I would pick out different shape colors and styles and make charms. I still make charms and one day I will share with you my new creation.

So I will bring this blog to and end now and remember

Keep crafting.

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