Let’s get organized

Being organized is not about being perfect, its about customizing your whole world for you. What a good quote. I found it on Pinterest and thought what a good start to talk about organization. Organization is a personal thing, and only you know what you have and how you want to organize it. You may read books or even follow someone suggestions, but at the end of the day you have to feel comfortable.Today I decide to organize the area I keep my electronics. I did make a charging station and I will share it with you, but I needed to have some kind of order for my electronics that can neat till I can set up my actual charging station. Just this morning my charging station consist of a photo box. I purchased a photo box from Michaels a while ago and made a charging station. I just added a power cord, cut some holes out the front and just plug my cell phone and other electronic in.One day I went to the Good Will just to look around and I found an old wooden mail sorter. I didn’t know what to do with it but I figure it might be good just to hold planner stickers. So I took it home painted it and used it for a little while. I later decided I didn’t like it and I put it up. Well while I was cleaning I recently found it and decided it would be good to hold my electronics while the charge. They would not be just laying a box charging but in slots that would make them easy to reach without the fear of them falling.So this is what It look like, I have enough room to hold an iPad mini, kindle reader two cell phone and any small reading items I have.The painting job isn’t the best because it was one of the first repurposed item I ever used. But for the time being It is a little neater and a lot less organized. Sorry I didn’t have any before pictures,because at the time I was setting it up it was just a trial and I haven’t plan to share.

Also sorry for the little draw system its sitting on it had been used for so many craft items in the past it’s stained from glue glitter washi tape as well as write out. Well thanks for reading this blog and remember

Keep crafting

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