No matter how bad it gets I’m always rich at the dollar store

Hey and welcome back to my blog.Today is Saturday and you know what that means. It means its the day I share all the “crafting Junk” I purchased this week and what was my planned reasoning behind the purchase.All these purchased from this week came from either the Dollar Tree,a local 99 cent store and Michael’sThe three items shown above are from the Dollar Tree. I picked up a new case for the phone( I will share later why) as well as a candle. I didn’t purchase the candle to burn,but for the jar the candle is in. I might just keep it or melt the wax and use the jar for decorative element in my craft space. And speaking of jars I purchase this candle holder because I liked the shape and will use it for some kind of spring decor.The next set of items I picked up from Michaels. I could say something smart or witty about shopping at Michaels, but I have one thing to say”Just let me shop and no one gets hurt”

The top items are sticker, and not just any stickers. These sticker have a purpose. Even if you would think out the box, sometimes they can be used for what they are intended for .Yes this is why I need the phone case. I just couldn’t resist the cute little sticker made for cell phone case decor. When I first saw them I was planning to use them as planner stickers but found the phone case and decided why not use them for their real purpose.The next two item is for a project I’m planning and I will share it on one of my craft days.I have big plans for those items and hopefully I will be able to sell it on my Etsy shop, reopening soon.The last items are just some jars. They have many uses but I just wanted them to put my assorted candy in. Okay that wasn’t the true reason, but I will use it like that for now because I have them.The next items are because Michaels had a 60% off coupon and I needed it for some projects.. The main items was the supreme ruler from. We r memory keepers. I found it very useful for my exact measurements. The project that I planning which is still in the design stage need to be exact. The reason is it is an sewing project and I will be using my Cricut maker to do the cutting and I need the item to be on point. The rest is just glue for the large glue gun and my favorite glue besides E6000 and that’s tacky glue. Also I couldn’t forget about washi tape. It was regularly 14.99 and Michaels had them on sale for 5,You can never ever have too much washi tape,The last two items are from the 99 cent store. They are just simple drawing pencils and eraser. I just needed them to draw out some ideas I have and draw out the pattern for the my project. So anyway I hope I didn’t leave out any thing and I hope you enjoyed this blog. And as always,

Keep crafting

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