First I drink coffee then I do things

Hi, Welcome back to my blog. And for all those who return after my brief absence,thanks for sticking around. Hopefully I can get this blog on a schedule that I can stick to. I want to share with you all my organizational, big crafts, small craft as well as hauls with you.So as you know this blog is my coffee time blog. What is coffee time you ask. It’s the time I sit down with a piping hot cup of coffee and review the week. This week I dont have anything to share because I didn’t have much time this week to do anything craft wise anyway. I will share my haul. I did pick up some items that I plan on use in future crafts.I picked up some water brushes. I like using them when I use water paints. I haven’t painted in awhile, but I plans to do so soon.The next item is these gelato. I plan on using it on some coloring pages. I will use them with the water brushes above. The next item is Gesso. I brought this to use with the Gelatos, I also purchase some brushes to use with the gesso.The next item are for organization purpose.This item I brought because one it was on sale at Michaels for 7.99 regular 19.99 and I have an organization plan for it.The next items are just supplies. I brought a heavy duty craft knife and some Christmas card stock which was on clearance. I also purchase an expansion pack. I’m planning using my mini happy planner for both personal and work, . The key chain is an aromatherapy key chain, its a locket type key chain with a felt disk to hold the oils. I forgot the keys, which I plan on using in a craft.Believe it or not that was my purchases for the week.

Im sorry I dont have too much to blog about this week,I hope next week is so full. And as always

Keep crafting.

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