Crafting is the only way to escape without leaving home

Hi welcome back to my blog. Today is the day I share a project that took me little to no time to complete. I also show you that you can take any thing recycle it and make something new and functional.So lets get started.The supplies I used was a cell phone box,(My mom just got an iPhone),Some rope and glue gun and glue sticks. I only use the top of the cell phone box because there was stuff in the bottom to hold the cell phone itself and once you removed it, the bottom isn’t as neat as I like it.

This was a simple and easy project because all you have to do is wrap the rope around the box,using the hot glue to attach it. I went around the box seven times and used only four glue sticks.Try to put the rope as close together as possible,using only a little glue at a time. When I first started my box,the first line of hot glue came out thick and I couldn’t get the rope as close as I would have like it. This is what the finished project look like.To give the top a more finished look , I decided to add the black ribbon to the edge top. The pink flower I found in my stash box was to give it a touch of color. I think it came out real nice and I will show you how I will use it in a latest blog.

How you enjoyed this project and as always

Keep crafting

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