Never mind the problem, let’s focus on a solution

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today is Thursday and this is the day I ask for suggestion on what you would like to see me attempt to craft,how I can add to this blog. Its also throw back Thursday. So how has everyone week been so far. All I can say is Ive been busy. I started a diet , trying to get back to the gym and just be healthy in mind, body and soul. So remember any suggestion you have please share in the comments and I will get back to you and even try anything you suggest. So lets get to the throw back. Early in my Micheals years, the first craft I was interested in was making charms. I found so many bits and bobbles that I wanted to make cell phone charms and bag charms as well as planner charms. Recently I found some of my first charms and in the coming week I think I would like to redo these charms and share my new creation. Also if you see some that can be improved please comment.These are my first planner/bag charms. In the beginning of my planner stage, I was using a ring system and the chains had to be long enough to hang on the spine of the planner. As you can see I didn’t have much of and creative imagination. At the time it was good enough. But now that Ive evolved, I think I can remake them. These are my cell phone charms. Back them cell phone had little notches that you could add charms to them. You could also attach them to you cell phone case. At the time it was a good thought,but now I can improve them to make even better charm for a cell phone case. I will show you both new creations,coming soon to a blog near you.

So I will now leave you with a questions. What are some of the craft you created and how would you improve them.

As always as I end this blog

Keep crafting

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