Keep calm and get your crafting on

First of all I need to explain my absence on Friday. Let me start on Wednesday. On Wednesday we had a nor’easter hit the city and it was bad. I had to be at work at 7am. It was really bad that I was the only manager in the store till 4pm. At 4pm I finally left the store and made it all the way to the Bronx and fell. It was so slippery and slushy that I had an issue getting up. Good thing I fell near a park that I had to hold on to the gate to get up,cos every time I tried to get up alone I kept falling. Long story short I hurt my knee and had to go to urgent care where I was told it was a sprang. So basically I had to stay off my knee for a couple of days. I do have some organizational projects but as for hauls, I didn’t get a chance to shop this week.I did purchase a storage box. I think I showed this in last week haul. I decide to use it for all my craft supplies.So as I purchase items for craft project, I will store them in the box so I have on area for them. I will only use them for future projects. As shown I have some clay items and glue sticks which is only there for picture purposes.I placed other craft items in the box, but I didn’t take pictures.The next item I have for organization is this potion jars. When Michaels had their Halloween items, I purchase some potion jars.I brought 2 black jars and two purple jars ( which I painted rose gold) I never knew what to do with the jars,until I brought my gelatos. I put them in the potion jars and I can store them on my desk. A great way to store them that make your desk looks fancy. Remember this box. Well I use this on my desk for hand creams and lip balms. I’m sorry I dont have any pictures but it sits on top of my wooden boxes I shown in a previous blog.

So once again I will bring this blog to an end. Please if you have any questions please comment below.And til next time

Keep crafting

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