I’m creative: You can expect me to be neat too.

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I’m back today, not with excuses for why I didn’t post daily blogs this week, but just to share as much as I can share for the week. I didn’t have any major crafts this week because I just cant seem to make it to Dollar Tree and Micheals kinda suck this week for craft supplies.Or maybe it just me. I will share with you what I have so far. So a while back I purchase this book from Michaels. As you can see from the title you can probably figure out what its about. It’s a pre “scripted” log book for crafters.This book contain pages that you fill with everything you need for planning projects to keeping track of social media to books and picture of projects as well as a place to keep all you craft book info. This is how the pages are set up in the book, so all you have to is fill in the pages. It’s a good way to keep track of what you are doing. I did decide to take it a step further by adding pictures of project Ive done and dates so I can do a throw back blog one day. I started to print pictures using my Polaroid printer, and these are what I have so farI will share this book in the future when I get it set up and organize. I will also be using this idea in my travelers note book I use for ideals.I will print pictures of crafts ideas and other craft project to have on the go, You never know when inspiration hits you.I did have a small haul this week. From Michaels I purchased this stencils. I purchased two different packs as shown above and there were four different stencils in each Pack. They are on sale this week for 40% off which was $2 each plus my discount so I paid less. I also purchase the paper mache bear which I want to use as a decorative item. I probably purchase another one today so I can make a pair. I also found the paint next to the bear from Target. It was chocolate brown and I thought it will be aa cute color for the bear. I will also be looking for a lighter brown if I choose to purchase another bear.I also purchase the cricut cutting mat. This mat uses the same measurement as the circut design space so It will be good for exact measurements. The last item I have purchase is a letter board.i dont know if I shared this item on the last blog but If I did sorry.I have to work on it to center everything and add some element to it so the wood do not look so bland next to the grey and I will be looking for color letters to add a pop of colors on the board.I will share that in a future blog. And speaking of a future blog I will be making microwaveable heating pads. As you know I sprang my knee last week and still have some pain. My store manager mention that she uses a heating pad she made out of a sock and some long grain rice. So I’m doing some research on what I can do to make some using other items and materials. I will share that craft soon.

Well this bring me to the end of my blog and I will leave you as always,

Keep crafting

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