Hoppy Easter

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Happy Easter to all and I hope its a great day for you. So as you know its Sunday so guess what, its coffee time. I dont have much to review for the week, but I did have a small haul which I shared on Thursday. I didn’t have a chance to do much hauling, but I did have enough time to research and plan upcoming projects, some it which I will be working on today. I also will be working on my blog/ craft travelers notebook because I wanted to add some job stuff to it. I dont know if I mention it, but as part of my managers duties at Micheals I’m in charge of our classroom program as well as events. What that means is all children activates including birthday parties, I’m responsible for. Along with those events I’m in charge with classes that are offered.I want to add this portion to my blog/craft traveler notebook because of the crafts and activities that is offered. Why not take ideals from the source!!!!!! I’m so excited about this week because I getting my craft groove back on. I have so many projects plan. I’m (even through I hate to be that person) will be going to Dollar Tree today to get basic supplies and what else craft stuff Yay!!!!!I excited about that because of my knee issue I couldn’t get my supply mojo going. My knee still have issues but not to serious to keep me out of Dollar Tree. So I will be bring this blog to an end now (call of the wild, no just Dollar Tree)but I will leave you like always

Keep Crafting.

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