Willing to work for craft supplies

Hi and welcome back to another fun filled adventure of crafting is my life. Just joking, welcome back to my blog. Today I will share with you a project that took me close to 1 hour to complete. Let me put in a disclaimer, I do not include drying time.As shown I used two blocks of wood, two paper mache bears some paint,paint sponges and some paint.

First I paint the blocks with the two paint colors chocolate and golden brown are the colors I used. While I wait for the the blocks to dry I painted the bears in the same two colors.While the bears dried , I added second coats to the blocks and then added another coat to the two bears. I set them to fully dry overnight. My plan was to add details like eyes and foot pads to the bears,and maybe I will, but I feel the finish project looks good without it.After the bears and the blocks were completely dry I glued the light bear on the dark block and the dark bear on the light block and here is the finished project.And the finish project is a bookends.I wanted to add some stencils designs on it but I want to show you the finished product, I love the way it came out and will show you how I will use them to organize my craft area. I will also share any updated photos if I decide to to anything more to them. I think they are good looking little bears and would be a great addition to any ones book shelf. Well that all I have for today,Will be back tomorrow with another craft project

Keep crafting

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