I have 99 problems and shopping and crafting solve all of them

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I have a small haul for you. As I mention earlier, I will not have a separate haul blog this week because I’m purchasing items for my project during the week. So I have a couple of items that I will be working on and I will have them ready for viewing this week. So as I mention earlier, I am redoing my traveler notebook to keep both my blog ideals as well as my job event activities. So the next item I purchase for that. At Micheals we are current revamping our scrapbook paper section, so there are so many 12 by 12 pieces of scrapbook paper on clearance.I had a chance yesterday to go through some of it because I had a customer who was working on a specific theme for her travelers notebook. So here are the items I picked up.I thought these pages would make nice covers and even folders for my TN.The one with the dogs are my favorite and I don’t know if I want to cut it up for folders.The next items I picked up for my heating pad. While doing research on heating pads, one lady on Pinterest stated that muslin was a good material to hold in heat and will not burn when you heat it up in a microwave. So I purchase Muslin treat bags and cotton material to make a heating pad. I’m making it with long grain rice and some essential oils. Not only will this pad help with any aches, put the oils will help relax you.Not only will they help relax you soothe the pain away, relax you but looking pretty. And the best part will be is when the cotton cover gets dirty you can remove and wash it. I will share this project with you and let you know how it works. So this brings me to the end of this blog for today, I hope you enjoyed it and will stick around to see what I have in store for you in the future. And now I will sign off with my favorite saying

Keep crafting.

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