Crafting away the pain

Hi, and welcome back to my blog. Today I’m sharing with you a small crafting project that took me about one hour to complete. I mention before about the issue I was having with my knee and I will tell you I swear by this project. I originally got this as a suggestion from my store manager, in which she said to make a heating pad with an old tube sock and long grain rice. So I took it one step further and I used a muslin favor bag and some cotton fabric All the materials shown above was from an earlier haul.

The first step was to measure the width and length I wanted my heating pad. I used enough to wrap around my knee with some extra fabric. The extra fabric is just in case the rice gets really hot and to protect you knee from burning. After measuring the fabric I used the treat bags to measure how many I would need for the wrap. The treat bags are smaller than I was expecting, so I had to use four bags for the wrap.I then sew around three of the edges and used pinking shears to trim and clean off the edges.After I finished that I start putting the heating element together, which was the rice in the muslin bags. I use muslin bags because when doing my research I found them to hold heat longer and will not burn when placed in the microwave. I added rice to the bags but just enough to fill the bags but not to over fill them, also you need to leave some space for movement of the rice,as well as room to sew the bags closed. I could have used the draw stings attached to bag,but I didn’t want to take the chance that the rice would leak out of the bags.And here is what the finished project look like. I did warm the rice up in the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes and it did get hot without burning. The rice also stayed warm for about one hour. This would make a good gift so someone who suffers from sore muscles, someone who workout , or just a pad to keep your feet warm on those chilly nightsThank you for sticking around and please return to see what I have planned for the next time. And as always

Keep crafting

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