A place for everything and everything in its place

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today’s blog will be short and sweet because it about organization. I’m still in the process of organizing my craft space and I’m taking the slow and steady wins the race approach.The reason for this is I’ve craft more now than I ever did and when I get an idea I want to research and execute. So now I have a lot of items I use for organization,but need to put all the items together in a coercive way. Also I want to move and I have to keep in mind of my future space and how everything will fit together.Another problem is lately I like to have seasonal items to decorate my space,and I need to start packing away items that I dont need now so I can find and use again. Ok so today I just have a small item to share. In an earlier haul I purchased some small containers, not because I had any plans for them, it was a dollar tree item that seems to stay out of stock. These containers are for snack,but I thought I can find some use for them in the future. Guess what I figured out what I can use them for. Yesterday while looking in my desk draw for a stapler, I realized I had a collection of paper clips. (I’m a planner person,so I always like to have paper clips as a decorative element.).So I said why not organize my paper clip in these little containers and keep them with my planner supplies. So this is what I came up with.As you can see I have all kinds of paper clip and some I kept in my organizer I keep on my desk and some are located in my desk draws. So I sorted the ones in the organizer and the ones in my desk and look at them now.I sort them and just put the fancy one in one box and the colorful one in the other box. I realized that I had more paper clips then boxes, so I will in the future need to find more of these boxes or another way to organize them, but for now the ones that were in my desk are now hanging out with my planner decorative supplies. I hope you found this interesting. The point I wanted to make is not how I organize my clips, but to teach you how to think outside the box.Even through something is marketed for one thing, use your imagination and your crafting skill and make it work for you. So I will leave you with one question, how do you think out of the box? Please leave me a comment below and in a future blog I will share your ideal.

Keep crafting.

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