I can stop shopping but I’m not a quitter

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I know this one is late, but I wanted to share a haul with you but went to see if there were any more supplies I need so I can share them with you.

I did pick up some things from Dollar Tree and Walmart but since some weren’t craft related I’ll keep them to my self, So without any further interruptions.lets get to this haul.

This haul for today will be a small one so I hope it will not be too boring for you.This first item I might have mention before is some muslin treat bags.I showed you how I used those items to make a home made heating pad. And as the same as then. I still use it and think it was one of the greatest project i made yet. The next three items are some card stock paper. I will use them to make traveler notebook folders. The best of all about these sheets were I got all of them from the clearance section of Micheals. The most I paid for one sheet was .19 cents. Most of the. Sheets are .6 cents. The next items I will show you also came from Micheals. I purchase the picture just because, just because what you may say, just because it was on clearance. The next items are stamp ink pads. I use them when I use my stamps for my planner, I thought it would be nice to add color instead of just Using black. TThe next items are from the dollar tree. I will tell you more about this items in a future blog.. I will be using them for a craft as well as organization. Just come back and you will see.The last items I purchase is from Walmart, only thing in this photo that didn’t come from Walmart was that pretty blue pot holder, it came from the Dollar Tree. The other items were for planner and crafts. So I think that is all I have to share tonight and I hope you will be back tomorrow for coffee time. I have a lot to share.Until than always

Keep Crafting.

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