Coffee Time(its always time for coffee)

Welcome back to my blog or what I like to refer as better late than never. I know yesterday morning(can I say that since it will be after 12 when I finally get to publish this blog),anyway as I was saying I was suppose to do this blog with a hot piping cup of coffee(my favorite non-alcoholic beverage)but I just didn’t have it in me to do anything yesterday . It was one of those lazy days when all you want to do is watch you tube videos and eat all the sugar-free snacks you can find. (Sugar-free yea right). Sorry for the interruption,I keep getting off track and have to reel myself back. Hey I’m back now. I need to start this blog before it gets to long and boring. What’s been going on with you this week. I hope this has been a good and crafty week for you. Last week I tried to get back on track with some craft projects that I shared.I finally found my way to Dollar Tree,not just one but three different ones. I find it so funny how you can go to different Dollar Trees and its like WOW, I never seen that in my local Dollar Tree. I also had a small haul from Walmart but I couldn’t really go through the craft area like I wanted because I was on a budget. I made my self a heating pad which I love to death. I had issues with me knee yesterday and when I put that heating pad on my knee, my knee start acting like it was getting a fix. I dont think I have anything else to update you on for the week. I had to pick up stuff as I go to do any projects I worked on including this week organizational blog.

So I will leave you like I always

Keep Crafting

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