Sharen’s update

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I was just sitting here this morning thinking about some snappy title for this blog and I was drawing a blank. I decide it should be just a update blog since its been three days since my last blog. I figure why not just make the title short and to the point. I just want to update you on what’s going on with me and this blog. Ok let me start with one confession IM A CRAFTER WITH CRAFT SUPPLIES AND IM NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM.And that’s where my problem lies. I have so many project planned and not enough time to work on them. But I do have good news. Next week you will be seeing so many projects from me you might think I’m eating, sleeping ,breathing crafts. This week I was mostly in the planning stages. I have so much stuff I purchased (Not because I had project in mind for them) , it was because I figure I could create with them. I also have a lot of sewing project I want to try. Its just a hassle finding somewhere to put the sewing machine to keep it accessible. I also have project for my cricut maker but I need a 12×24 cutting mat and of course when I didn’t need it Micheals was overloaded with them. I need to get my crafting life back on track. Even my haul this week was skimpy. No Dollar Tree for me this week. I did make two purchase from Micheals, (yes Michaels , truly are you really surprised!!!!!!!).Let me start with the unfinished totes. I saw them in the store, a customer had returned them from an online order and we do not sell these in the store. The first thing I saw was craft project. When I brought the totes home and place them on my bed, I just stared at them trying to figure out what to do with them. Something will come to me eventually. Stay right here to see what will become of these totes. The next item is these wooden pedestals. I do have plan for them, but need one more item which I need to get from the dollar tree. That will be a project I share this week. Another project I will share is a picture I’m making with this kit called diamond dots. I’m not going to share with you what I will be working on, but I will show you what I’m talking about to give you an idealIt a design printed on a piece of cloth that in some areas are sticky. On these sticky area you add gems to achieve a diamond effect on the picture. This project is very time consuming because of the details. I will share when I’m half completed leading up to the finished project.

So I will bring this blog to an end until tomorrow, yes tomorrow and always remember

Keep crafting

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