Coffee time: Let’s get this started

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I’m sitting here just having my morning java thinking about what else crafting. Ok I’m not really thinking all about crafting but it’s there. I have a shorter work week so,I have a little more crafting time. So how has everyone’s week been. I hope it was full of fun and crafting.As you know I usually use this time to review what been going on in my blog last week but all I had was one craft, the potholder pocket pouch. My craft week sucked!!!!!!!! The good news is it will be better this week. I do have one thing to share before I end this blog, yesterday a customer returned some Christmas ornaments. Yes!Christmas ornaments.Yes! Christmas was 4 months ago and yes people are returning Christmas items,and yes! we are refunding . So I purchase said ornament because I’m a crafter who think out of the box.I have plans for a decorative item, I was thinking about adding some different color floral sand,or even little pieces of flowers. I will show you what I did in a future project. Well I will now bring this blog to an end for today. I will leave you with a question. What process do you use when planner your craft, do you just wing it or do you sit and plan it. Let me know in the comments.

As always

Keep crafting

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