Makers gonna make

Hi and thank you for coming back to see what kind of mess I will create this week. No just joking. I love my crafts and taking the time to research,purchase and plan my creations so they aren’t mess.I just need to occasionally add a little humor to this blog. So how are things going for all of you today. Here in NY its a nasty rainy day, so you know what that mean, its time for crafting. As you know I use this day to share my plans for this week and you will be surprise how much I have to do. I will get right to it, Yesterday I shared with you some Christmas ornaments a customer return. Well I came up its a project for them and I will be sharing that with you, I have some sewing project in mind for you this week so that is something I hope you look forward to. On another day I share some other items I hauled and I will be working on projects using those itemsThese will be candle holders. I was also may purchase a couple more to make candies dish.We will see. Also I told you about the diamond dot picture I have. I will share the process with you on that. I will try to have all these crafts here this week , so if you dont see them right away, dont worry they are coming.I think that’s all I have to share with you today, but I will try my best to return tomorrow with a craft or two so please return.

And as always

Keep crafting

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