Washi washi everywhere

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I wanted to do a quick craft for you today ,well at lease before this day ends. I notice one day while trying to organize my printing area I have two storage draws with washi tape. The way these draw are set up is when you pull out the draws the come out on a slant,so the washi is easier to access. I find this two messy because sometimes they fall thru the holes in the draws. I wanted to purchase one from Micheals, but the nice ones are $30 and I would need about 3 and I dont have the room for them.So I decided to try my hand at making a storage box for my washi tape. On yesterday blog I showed you the supplies I needed.I purchase a wooden photo storage box as well as a piece of Basa wood. I painted the out side as well as the top of the box black. I didn’t paint the inside or the basa wood because no one will see it.After I painted the pieces I allow them to dry overnight. My next step was to put some decorative elements on the top. I hope to be able to find an area where it would be out as a display type of item.The decorative item I used was a flower stencil, which was from a previous haul. Then I added more stencils but only to the cornerswhile I let that day I measured and cut the basa wood out to fit the inside of the box like columns.After that was done and I realized I didn’t have enough basa wood, this is what my finish project look like.I think it came out very nice and the box itself would be a nice addition if you want to use it for any other purpose. I hope you like this project and I will be here tomorrow for a new blog.

Keep crafting

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