Just let me shop and nobody gets hurt

Hey welcome back to my blog. Today is Saturday and guess what, I have a haul for you. Some of these items you may recongize from craft projects I shared in the beginning of the week, but nevertheless they was part of my weekly haul. So lets start with items I purchase from the Dollar Tree.I purchase some candle holders.I know you saw them this week because I shared a craft project I made using them.The other two items was this red basket and the ziplock bags. I will be using them for future projects. The ziplock bags for a previous craft remake. ( I can re craft it, I can rebuild it, make it better. make it stronger). Coming soon. The basket will be used for storage,but that too will be crafted,(is crafted a real word) to something a little more stylish. The next two items are dish drying mat and some foam sheet. The drying mat is for a project that I will be sharing soon, and the foam is just for my stash.The next items is just a candle , some LCD lights with gems and some tape. If I didn’t share that craft( I don’t remember if I did)I will share with you the craft I did with the candle. I didn’t buy the candle for the candle, just the jars. And of course you always need to keep a supple of tape as well as glue in your stash(Its a staple).So the next items in this haul blog would be Michaels items.NO there can never be a haul without something from Michaels. The the first item is just a smushy sticker. Why? Just because!The next item is some buttons. They were on clearance and I thought they were cute and a nice addition to my stash.The next item was some spring loaded scissors. I just wanted to try them .The next items are for projected I worked on and share or will be sharing. The first item is a box. A plain old wooden box, but look what I turned it into.I made a washi storage box out of it. I shared this is a blog post this week. If you decide to go to that blog, you can see how it look with washi tape.The next item will be used in a project that I have complete and will share with you in a future blog post. The last items was just some paint I picked up from Target. I used those to paint the wooden candle holder in the blog earlier in the week. Well that is my haul for the week. I have projects that I will share next week, so come back and see what I have next for you. And as always,

Keep crafting.

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